The Quran's Impact On Islamic Culture

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The Qur’an has had a dramatic impact on the Islamic culture since before its time, to the present day. It is full of beautiful and insightful teachings for any of its many readers, in a massive attempt to spread the word of the Lord. The City, Surah 90, exemplifies the true ideals of the Islamic culture in the connection between conquest and the Lords act of giving guidelines and reason to the people of Islam. “We have created man for toil and trial,” (Qur’an,90,4) pinpoints the connection to conquest.
As the Surah states within the first few lines, that men were created for toil and trial, the major concept of conquest is represented by Gods attempt to influence through goodness. Although this book is often interpreted as a book of negativity
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He provides them with the guidelines of how to act as a follower and a leader of the Islamic religion. He explains this well when he says, “Did We not give him two eyes, a tongue, two lips, and point out to him the two clear ways [of good and evil],” (Qur’an,90,8-10), because the all giving god lit the clear path for the people. As a merciful Lord, he has an understanding of his people, but his primary objective is to spread his name, indirectly spreading the power he has. We get a glimpse of this when he says “those who do this will be in the right-hand side, but those who disbelieve in Our revelations will be on the left-hand side, and the Fire will close in on them.” (Qur’an,90,18-20) He states this with intent, and it shows exactly how determined the Lord is to reign over his people. “Our” in the quote above proves that he has no intentions of not including those who follow his guidelines but only to those who follow them. The idea of conquest is demonstrated here, as his main intentions are to spread his control throughout the land to all people. This connection between the guidelines and conquest shows us what the intentions of the Lord are, and what he is trying to instill in his …show more content…
This comes from a misinterpretation of the true message of the Qur’an, and of the ideals, it is meant to instill in its people. Surah 90 provides a clear connection between conquest and the guidelines given by god, informing us on what exactly the ideals God was trying to instill in his people are. His intentions were pure, as he tried to place quality values into his people. It is even true when it seems as if he is just trying to project his power because the Lord wants to have a positive impact on all those in his

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