Essay On The Oppressed Oppression

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The phenomenon of the oppressed becoming the oppressor
The dilemma and correlation to indigenous people and ethnic conflict as they struggle to survive and thrive in a world that consistently try to strip them of their dignity and humanity.

In the years since the 1967 Resolution 242, there have been many failed peace accords and intifadas, as the Palestinian attempted to retaliate against the oppressive hold to the increasing land confiscation, homes, unemployment and poverty. In an effort to get a greater Israel a number of strategies have been implemented by the Israelis in using the discipline of archaeology to “produce evidence of Jewish presence in the land.” “Many modern archeologists prefer not to use the Bible as a guide,”
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The constant patrol of armed soldier is one’s neighborhood is intimidating and oppressive. The Norwegian government conducted a documentary film on the people and water source near the Jordan River in which the Palestinians spoke of the Israeli confiscation of their land, given to the new aliyah immigrants who have now in turn hired them (paying very little money) to farm their own land; and in some cases now charges them a fee for farming their own land that they themselves received free of charge. There is also oppression of the land due to population growth in area where the infrastructure is not able to adequately care for everyone and great pollution of the rivers and waterways. There are water restrictions (infrequent and limited deliveries) while the people are banned from drilling their own wells. Their crops and animals go without water for days while water is diverted and wastefully flowing on the neighboring Israeli farm. Electricity is restricted to a few hours a day. The Palestinian people are given the excuse by the Israeli government that it is impossible to build an electric grid in their location. In some cases the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) will show up with bulldozers and instruct them to leave – telling them that their land is needed for military training. In some communities the justification to demolish homes and reduce security threats has been that the homes “have been built too near Israeli settlement, or the property is need by the government.” There is social inequality for adequate housing for the native people in certain areas. Each day they are in fear of being turned out of their homes and have to search and erect new temporary shelters for their families. Many are displaced and are in refugee camps. With the daily systematic oppression and exploitation making the Palestinian people subservient, eroding them of their self-esteem

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