Essay On The New England Colonies

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If I was a poor uneducated white twenty-five year old male from a farm family in england around 1730 and I was given the choice to settle in one of the following; the New England, the middle, or the southern colonies, I would choose the New England. I would choose this region mainly because eliminating the south as a place to settle is easy because of how difficult life was there compared to New England.
Environmentally, the climate of the New England Colonies were much more cold than middle and south colonies given it was the furthest north. The positive side to the cold climate was the prevention of spreading life-threatening diseases, versus the majority of people in the south died from the airborne diseases. The negative side to cold
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They brought animals such as pigs, sheep, horses, and cattle. This called for many more-larger grazing areas, resulting in a bigger loss of the forests’ shade, resulting in more extreme summer and winters. Because of these more-intense winters, the snow melt was eating away at the grazed lands, erosion and drought soon became a big problem. Agriculturally, the environment played a large role in the economy in the New England Colonies given that farming was not as important for making a living given the circumstances. The biggest difference between the New England colonies and the Southern Colonies were in the agriculture, New England colonist imported agricultural products whereas the Southern colonies exported agricultural …show more content…
Although I come from a family of farmers and New England doesn 't offer as large of a chance to make a living off of farming given the climate environment, I would prefer the living arrangements. The heat is something I would suffer through, even though New England winters are rough, there is resources such as animal fur. New England is full of many opportunities and new chances to take versus what my life would have turned into if I had moved to the South or Middle Colonies. Although most people would have taken the easy route and moved to the South given the farming experience they have, New England would be the place for me. As for a job, I would most likely try to score one as a fisher, or merchant at one of the many harbors New England had. My living plan would be to bring as much farm goods as possible from back home and use the things to trade for wood, and build myself a small cabin. I could also share my farming tips with neighbors and people around the town in return for learning new tricks and business tricks. I believe that I would become very successful with my plan because I do not come across with a big family and the only mouth I would have to feed in my own. So In all, New England would be my top choice of places to

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