Essay On The Movie Invictus

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Invictus and Mandela: “Is it Hollywood or is it History?” Have you ever watched a film that is supposedly “based on a true story” and wondered how much of it was actually true and what part was made up? Whether it be a horror film or an influential story, when they say that is inspired by a true event it always grabs your attention and has you wondering more. I thought of this as I was watching the movie Invictus and wondered if most of it had really happened. In this research paper I will prove that the film, Invictus was historically accurate by discussing and providing facts of the historical people and events, summarizing the movie, and comparing and contrasting how the movie portrayed the true people and events. Before, during, and after the apartheid there were many different changes that happened …show more content…
One of the many things that really happened was when Francois Pienaar gave his victory speech. In the movie as well as in real life, he stated that the team didn 't have 60,000 people in the stadium cheering for them. Instead, he said that him and the team had the support of over 43 million South Africans, cheering for them. This statement that Francois made, proved that South Africa was coming together, once again. Everyone was supporting their country, and had hope (1995 RWC). Another way that the film accurately portrays history is when the Springboks sang their national anthem right before the 1995 World Cup. Before hand, they asked a tutor to help them with the words, so none of them would mispronounce any. Then, in history as well as in the film Invictus, the whole Springboks team sang the South African anthem before the World Cup began. This also showed how proud the team was of their country, and how they didn’t want to play for any other country (Springboks Sing). Those are just a few things, along with many others, that were historically accurate in the film

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