Social Psychology: The Lucifer Effect

Who is good people and who is bad people? There is really no answer to this question. However, many people believe that if an individual is evil that person is evil throughout his/her lifetime and if he/she is good that individual is going to be evil throughout his/her lifetime. But that is not the case from what Psychologist Philip Zimbardo, a previous president of the American Psychological Association and professor who teaches psychology at Stanford University, had believed (TED, 1984). Psychologist Zimbardo believed that people could still change when face either a good or bad life situation. What makes people go wrong is people aren’t open minded towards others thinking and assumes. Individual blame others for his/her result, but sometimes it’s not the system/people but the people or maybe it’s the power that is bad (Zimbardo, 2008). People think that …show more content…
A social psychological effect known as “Lucifer Effect” is a celebration of the minds to make human kind either a hero or evil (Zimbardo, 2008). Lucifer means light can be refer to as good people; however, later on without the usage of drugs lucifer became the evil and the evil become the good (Zimbardo, 2008). Furthermore, lucifer facts involve the idea of human transformation within these three factor: dispositional, situational and systematic (Zimbardo, 2008). Dispositional is the emotional or mentality inside of the individual 's (Zimbardo, 2008). Situational a problem that is known externally (Zimbardo, 2008). Systematic a broad influences either by political, economic or legal power (Zimbardo, 2008). “Milgrim is quantifying evil as the willingness of people blindly obeying authority to go all the way through 450 Volts and it’s like a dial on humans nature, a dial in a sense that an individual can make almost everybody obedient down to majority to no” (Zimbardo, 2008). For example, in an experiments, there were people of age 20 to 50. In this experiment, individuals who answer the question given to

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