Essay On Shoot Now Ask Questions Now

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Military authority figures represented as officers have the duty to uphold the law and protect the people; protect and serve. Ideally, this duty would be performed by looking into cause and effect when it relates to crimes. An officer typically asks a suspect questions, proceeding with caution, followed by using his or her judgement of the suspect’s consequences. In cases of suspect hostility initial actions might include handcuffing, or at least that is what is portrayed in the movies. In today’s society it seems that such subtle actions are not initially taken and the law of “shoot now ask questions later” is upheld. The “shoot now ask questions later” law is described as taking hasty, immediate action with serious consequences without first adequately investigating the situation. Some officers’ mindset is that the first task is to shoot without asking the appropriate questions that would lead to a more beneficial conclusion than serious physical harm. Is it ethically moral for authority to proceed with initial force without further investigation?
On a typical day, a boy plays with his toy gun at a military base, seeming harmless to nearby pedestrians and residents. Although
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Globally, some countries around the world have military personnel who use initial force on the civilian population. For example, in Afghanistan, they have the well known Taliban, which is a Islamic fundamentalist political movement which encourages war within the country. They strictly implement their rules and will do any means necessary to keep their rules in order. They will beat or even kill in order to show the civilian population that they control the country. Because of the strong belief in ruling over others there is definitely no investigation performed. Ethically, it is not moral to use initial force but in countries such as Afghanistan it is considered the lay of the

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