Do School Uniforms Make Schools Better

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A school dress code was established about two decades ago. The public uniform school policy was adopted by academics, catholic, and private institutions. One out of five schools request for students to wear uniforms. It has been traced further back to the sixth teen century in England that lower class orphan children wore uniforms because it was less expensive and created a since of unity. Today the school uniforms represent a symbol of professionalism, influences individual and group behavior, and helps create an atmosphere of unity.
This adaptation has changed the overall school environment allowing children to really focus on what is important, academics. School uniforms serve a lot of different purposes in today’s school environment like being a safety net if a threat inters the facility because they can be easily identified to simple saving low income families thousands of dollars a year. The school uniform dress code is something that is now a huge part of our society and is accepted within many school environments, “the percentage of public schools that require students to wear uniforms increased from 12 to 19, according to the US Department of Education Children.”(Boston Globe). Students run a greater chance of being bullied due to them not being able to afford the latest fashions. Families who receive state assistance or are considered lower class spend
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