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Stress Becoming an Issue People have been stressed since times began. Stress in early times might have been struggling to survive, but in today’s world people are stressed over jobs, education, politics, or relationship issues such as divorce. The modern world is making children and teenagers more stressed. Schools systems are restricted and difficult because of testing, teenagers have to be more active to get into the colleges and receive the jobs of their desire, and children are not taught how to deal with stress. “A beautiful 19-year-old University of Pennsylvania track star from New Jersey killed herself Friday by jumping from a Philly parking garage because of the stress of her grades” Stress from schools should be fixed by giving teenagers …show more content…
Many teenagers are so focused on their future, with getting accepted into college or their future jobs. Schools stress that we need to focus on grades to receive our future jobs that we stress over our homework, and test to make sure we receive the grades of our desire. For example, I’m a junior in high school who is part of at least two or three extracurricular activities at a time, I have done plenty of government testing to help my school gain funding and help my teachers keep their jobs, and I have never even been taught how to cope with it. As a junior I have anxiety over whether or not I will get a full ride to the colleges of my desire, and if I don’t how will I pay for it. I haven’t focused completely on scholarships yet, but I am working towards talking to college officials and thinking about which college I even want to attend. I am focused on what major I want to do. Next year I will have to be even more focused on my future job and life, and yet school gives me more homework, and state test that I need to complete in order to graduate. I am not the only teenager in the world who is focused on school work and my future. Ever other student in the world approaching their graduation is focused on their …show more content…
It can cause depression, anxiety and heart problems. A girl attending the University of Pennsylvania committed suicide struggling to receive the grades of her desire. Since jobs are so focused on grades many people like this girl are overly stressed and have no idea how to deal with it and cannot get rid of it. As twenty-one percent of students say they are more stressed this year versus past years, and thirty four believe that they will become more stressed in upcoming years, it is expressed that teenagers are becoming more stress. Eighty three percent of students say that stress is caused by school. Stress is also shown to lower one grades and focus in school. If students are stressed about school and stress is causing them to do poorly in school all it is doing is causing more stress overall. While schools and the government worry about making successful students for the future, they should also worry about how stressful they are making the environment for us. If they focused on making it a less stressful world for students, then students could focus on their work in producing a more helpful

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