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Alto Saxophone The Alto Saxophone is a, even though it is made of mostly metal, woodwind instrument concocted by Belgian inventor, Antoine Joseph (Adolphe) Sax. This musical instrument was developed in the 1840’s and was patented in June 1846. It is mostly used for classical and jazz music and is the one of the newer instruments used than any other. The Alto Saxophone works when air is pushed through a mouthpiece creating vibrations that run throughout the body of the instrument creating the wonderful sound. The instrument was created by Adolphe Sax and his father Charles Joseph in the 1840’s. In 1841, they had presented their magnificent instrument to a famous composer at the time, Hector Berlioz. Mr. Berlioz had thought that it was an interesting product and was impressed with the value and the originality of the newest addition to the woodwind instruments. By 1842, Adolphe had moved to Paris where Berlioz had written an article describing the instrument and was published in Paris’ Magazine “Journal des Debats”. Later, in 1844, Hector Berlioz had a concert featuring the newest instrument with a musical piece entitled “Chant Sacre”. This marked the beginning of the evolution …show more content…
It was set up at a military band school called Gymnase Musical. Later, in 1858, Adolphe Sax had become a professor at the Paris Conservatory, a college of the fine arts. Then, in 1866, Adolphe’s father died, so Adolphe took control over the development of the Saxophone. Also, in 1866, the Sax’s patent expired and the Millereau Company had now patented the saxophone including a new forked F sharp key. Then, in 1870, Adolphe Sax’s duty at the Paris conservatory had expired and he was left to Later, the Saxophone was patented again, this time, with a fingering that looks close to the clarinet’s system. At this time, other companies had recreated the product in many different ways but Sax’s way had become the most popular of them

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