Paganism Vs Roman Religion Essay

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Religion is a large puzzle piece in common culture. The Roman empire was initially notorious for paganism, which through the test of time became ostracized. Christianity lurked within the Roman empire and was inferior early on as believers were often persecuted. Once Christianity began to pervade the government there were conversions seen among some of the officials. In time, Christianity took root and was eventually made the state religion in Rome. The values and ideals of the two religions were at odds with each other, but by examining history, theistic viewpoints, traditions, divine power, and practices will unravel both religions to give a definitive and pertinent explanation. A basic analysis of theistic viewpoints with Christianity and paganism gives a necessary introduction to these religions. Christianity is considered to be monotheistic, the belief in one god. Christianity began as a religion of the Eastern Mediterranean and was mainly an urban religion. Christianity was not spread into rural areas until after the Roman empire was dissolved. Paganism was considered to be polytheistic, the belief in multiple gods. The pagan gods were often times closely …show more content…
Persecution of the Christians was present in some areas of Rome and not others. Nero used the Christians as a scapegoat, blaming them for the great fire of Rome in 64 AD. The Christians faced enormous amounts of adversity, being persecuted even though they were not to be sought out. Christians were put on trial to assure that they were denounced and proved guilty. At the time martyr was legal term for someone who gives witness, provides evidence. Christians were a martyr as they provided evidence against themselves. The Christians would not abandon their faith, but instead be a witness in their case by reassuring that they were a Christian. A common judgement for a guilty Christian was to be martyred in the

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