Essay On Racial Struggles In America

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Throughout history there have been many instances of oppression within the black community. From slavery and heavily enforced racial segregation, to more modern times such as police brutality, racial profiling and discrimination has continued to plague this nation. Overall, there have been many trends that are telling when it comes to how society as a whole has dealt with racial issues. Slavery is nonexistent now, but the repercussions have been detrimental to the black community as it has brought along an element of racial divide. This racial divide within America has led to several disparities among black people including abilities to find jobs, economic standing, education, equality, and so much more. Even though some of these issues are …show more content…
Throughout history African Americans have been thought of as inferior beings. Even long after the abolition of slavery, it is obvious that racial discrimination is still very prominent in today’s society. The black struggle at the simplest level can be explained as the set of experiences that black people have to face or overcome because of how they look and the group that they belong to and how society interprets that blackness. This can manifest itself in different ways and may not be a struggle that is not specific to the black population along but other racial groups as well. The way the struggle manifests itself can vary based on the region or location you ask. While asking students on UNC’s campus about the black struggle it was obvious that education seemed to be a major theme. This is representative of their surroundings. The collections of political, economic and social struggles black people have to encounter and overcome make up what we identify as the black struggle in the United States and at every level of the socioeconomic ladder black people have to learn to cope with these

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