Positive Influence

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“When it comes to developing character strength, inner security and unique personal and interpersonal talents and skills in a child, no institution can or ever will compare with, or effectively substitute for, the home 's potential for positive influence” – Stephen Covey. This quote is true for me because my home life has had a positive influence on my life. I value what my parents think of me over what anyone else thinks so I try my best to make them proud. ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬I have been shaped into who I am today by many events that I have had no control over. My parents being lenient with discipline, my positive home life, and my parents’ view on education have affected me the most.

My parents’ being lenient with discipline has shaped who I am today
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We can go and talk to Mom or Dad about what is happening in our life and they would give us advice. They tell us what to do if we do not like someone or if we do not like one of our teachers. We can always tell them what we did at our friends house or who we hung out with. My parents won’t yell at us for that. They won’t ground us for it. They won’t punish us for most things that we willing tell them. By my parents not punishing us for mistakes or for telling them things that happened in our life, my brothers and I learned how to make our own decisions. My brothers and I chose our own class schedules for school. We can choose which classes we want to take and which ones we do not want to take. We are never told that we have to take a certain class or that we cannot take a class that we really want to take. I often choose the take more advanced classes because I want to challenge myself and I want to learn a lot more about a certain subject. I prefer advanced classes because I learn more in them than I would in a lower level class. I choose to take the more advanced classes because I believe that is the best decision for me. I make decisions that I are the best for myself. As long as my decision is not hurting me or anyone else, I will not get in trouble for it. My parents will guide me and tell me what I should do, but it is my choice whether or not to decide to take my parents advice. I have full control …show more content…
Both of my parents went to college for four years. My mom studied at Dayton for a degree in teaching. My dad attended University of Michigan for a degree in engineering. Because my parents have their degrees, they were given great jobs working for Cummins and for different schools in different states. By my parents always having a job, I was shown that if I went to school and obtained a degree I could get a worthwhile job, I could support myself and a family, and I would not have to worry about where I would get my next paycheck. I would always have more potential at a job interview than the person that doesn’t have any degree. My parents look back at their school days and are very happy about them. They never say that they wished they hadn’t gone to college. My parents cared about their education which makes me care about my education. Also, both of my brothers go to college. My parents always said that college is a good thing and that it would give you more opportunities than if you only finish high school. My parents let them chose which college that they wanted to look at and which ones that they wanted to apply to. My brothers had control over what they wanted for their education. My parents never said that they had to go to Dayton or that they had to go to Michigan. If my brothers wanted to look at those schools then they could go and look at them if they wanted, but they were never forced

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