Essay On Police Wear Body Cameras

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The Big Eye Improved citizen behavior, improved police behavior, reduced need to use force incidents, reduced citizen complaints. These are all outcomes that would improve in everyday life if law enforcement wore body cameras. In the news, there are numerous cases about police allegedly misusing force or about citizens allegedly using force against the law enforcement. With law enforcement wearing body cameras, these well-known incidents would be no longer a problem. Not only would that be more factual, but they would be solved more efficiently. In communities around the United States, the law enforcement would be looked upon as more trustworthy. By the Oklahoma state law enforcement wearing body cameras, law enforcement would be looked upon as an agency who is here to protect the United States, though some may argue otherwise. One example supporting the use of body cameras worn by law enforcement officers comes from, Paul Marks, a well know writer. He says a young man was at the hospital in Hampshire, UK, threatening the police officer by saying he was going to kill his child as well as going to bite of the mans nose. Luckily for the …show more content…
If on-duty police officers wore cameras, then there would always be solid evidence that would make court decisions easier, and justice would always be upheld. Many police stations all over the country have adopted the policy to wear cameras to protect themselves as well because there have been many cases where police officers are assaulted. Video cameras are the easiest way to track how felons treat police and vice versa. It is also the best way to prevent any manipulation in court, protect police and criminals, and uphold social justice so support your local and national police forces and push for the requirement of on-body video

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