Essay On Plastic Surgeons

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Plastic surgeons are physicians who perform cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. Some of the more well-known procedures performed by plastic surgeons include face lifts, breast augmentations and reductions, tummy tucks (abdominoplasty) and nose jobs (Rhinoplasty). Some of the less known procedures they perform include skin cancer treatments, hand surgeries and surgeries to repair cleft lips and palates.

Plastic surgeons, also called plastic reconstructive surgeons, are surgeons with advanced training and education in cosmetic and function of the human body. Plastic surgeons treat patients who desire cosmetic enhancement and people with deformities. The art of plastic surgery dates back more than 4,000 years, when facial injuries were treated.
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Take into account the length of education and training the profession requires. A typical plastic surgeon's training is at least 12 years, including undergrad, medical school, surgical residency and a plastic/reconstructive fellowship. A plastic surgeon may be in her early 30s before entering into practice. Other considerations include long work hours, detailed work and a stressful environment. Emotional stressors may also need to be considered. A plastic surgeon will encounter the worse of deformities and wounds of the human body than most other doctors.


A plastic surgeon has to clear up many misconceptions about plastic surgery and themselves. The No. 1 misconception is that all plastic surgeons are the same when it comes to surgery and outcomes. Going along with that is the misconception that it is taboo to ask the surgeon to see previous work they performed. Other common misconceptions of plastic surgery include that all surgeries will be successful, the surgery will leave no scar and the patient will always look and feel better. A popular misconception is that all doctors who perform plastic surgery are actually plastic surgeons.

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