Essay On Overcoming Adversity

Like flipping a light switch! My life was fairly typical and predictable, then, four years ago this month I learned my mother had breast cancer. She and my father sat my older brother and me down and broke the news to us. I was simultaneously stunned, confused, fearful, and sad. I was only in the eighth grade, and I did not completely understand all the ramifications this would bring to my family and me. I only knew enough to fear the word cancer. During the following 18 months, my mother endured several surgeries and radiation treatments that changed my life.

After her first surgery and a few weeks into radiation treatments, my mother became gravely ill. She was hospitalized and struggled to even sit up in bed, every day became a battle for her. When my
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From watching her fight through this difficult situation, I gained additional perspective on overcoming adversity. I observed my mother giving her all every day. During her sickness she continued to participate in life and work around our home. I always loved my mother, however, after this experience, I respect her. She maintained grace, poise, humility, and a selfless love of her family throughout her ordeal. Her example taught me it is best not to worry about obstacles I cannot avoid; instead, I should simply be as productive as possible every day. I also learned to never miss an opportunity to express my true feelings to those I love.

In conclusion, from the day I learned of my mother’s diagnosis, I purposed to emulate my mom’s, selfless, hardworking, and loving spirit through all of the trials that life may present. Finally, dealing with my mother having cancer instilled an empathetic spirit in me and, I understand how individuals feel when they agonize over the life of a loved one. I have been able to comfort and discuss the fears of other families that have a member fighting cancer, in a thoughtful and compassionate

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