Essay On Online Only Relationship

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1. The online only relationship is categorized by it being purely internet available. An example of an online only relationship is someone who tweets a status and someone who follows these statuses and reads them. Another common one is having a contact you purely communicate with on Facebook. Love is an interpersonal relationship that can be defined by 6 love styles which include eros, ludic, storge, pragma, manic, and agapic. Love is defined as a closeness or warmth toward another individual in the relationship whether this be romantic or familial. The degrees of love and closeness vary between the styles. For example, Eros is hot and passionate where pragma is more towards practicality and benefit. Friendship is a mutually …show more content…
The advantages of interpersonal relationships include the lessening of loneliness. It’s good to know others care for you. Another advantage is knowledge. You learn new things about yourselves and others. Interpersonal relationships are good for your health. A big disadvantage of interpersonal relationships is the pressure to self-disclose. The closer you are to a person the more they will expect you to disclose details about yourself. Your obligations to others also increase. You can’t always do what you want to do. These relationships can put strain on you and even cause you to dissociate with other relationships. Your heart can lastly end up broken in the end if all does not work …show more content…
Attraction theory is where people form relationships based on attraction. The person likes the traits of the other. The traits can go as follows. The other person can have similar interests or act the same as the other, similarity. The person can be physically or mentally attractive. You enjoy how they act and how they look. The level of closeness is also a big factor, proximity. The attraction being reinforced by positive things such as compliments. The main thing is also obvious reciprocation of the attraction.

Rules theory Is whether it be a romantic relationship, family, friendship, or in the workplace the relationship is governed by a set of rules. Friendship rules can include helping your friend in dire situations and maintaining a positive regard of them. Romantic relationship’s rules can include things such as honesty, openness, and enhancing each other’s self-esteem. Family rules can include how are is a problem going to be worked on and talked about and how can the needs of each family member be met within the structure of the family. Work place rules include working hard and being cooperative.

Social exchange theory defines that developing relationships will benefit you. They can increase your prospects of having a good social and economic standing in

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