Essay On Negative Effects Of Smoking

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The negative effects of smoking

Cigarettes have become one of the famous drug consumed by many people around this world. While most of the people realize the negative effects of smoking, they do not believe that they will be one of the people who will earn the effects in their future. However, one should quickly realize that smoking in life is one of the dangerous habits that they can have. First of all, the nicotine in tobacco causes many health decays. Nicotine for most, brings a cardiovascular effects. It causes many heart related diseases such as coronary artery disease, coronary artery vasoconstriction, and many others, which significantly affects the heart rate and blood pressures. (The possibility of getting heart disease increases
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There are tar, that colors lung, hydrazine, a chemical that is used for jets and rocket fuels, acetone, a nail polisher, and many other ingredients which have different purposes rather than to be inhaled in our body. Furthermore, more than four hundred of these chemicals are addictive to our body. The smoking itself also causes a lot of diseases. The most famous disease is the lung cancer, in which the tar, the ingredient of tobacco, sticks on people’s lung and interrupts the lung’s ability to work. When the person starts smoking, it lowers the ability to think, to taste, to exercise, and even to feel. The smoking also causes oral problems. The small symptoms are bad breath, tooth discoloration, and delay of the healing process of tooth extraction. However, smoking can lead into bigger problems such as oral cancer, inflammation of the salivary glands, leukoplakia (white patches), gum diseases, and even loss of jaw …show more content…
The studies have proven that the children of the smokers have a higher possibility of malfunction, lost organs, lighter weight, inborn diseases, and they can also be dead by the sudden infant death syndrome. All these negative effects mostly come out from the chemicals that are travelled in the bloodstream, which is the source for children’s oxygen and nutrients. The most common effects of smoking during pregnancy is related with the malfunctioning of the organs. The babies might born with a heart disease, suffer from a learning disorder, have lower IQs, and breathing problems. All these problems comes from a simple symptom, addiction. As nicotine gets inside of the body and travels to one of the neurons in the brain, it changes the balance of chemicals in the brain. The changes of the balance, causing smokers to feel enjoyable, is the main source of the smoking addiction. As the brain gets used to the unbalanced chemicals, people have to smoke more in order to feel again. Furthermore, the addiction can be also caused by emotions. By feeling in some ways, for example depressed, smokers get smoking

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