Essay On Medieval Knights

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Medieval knights played a very big part in the feudal system. They had to serve their people, and be brave enough to fight in the front lines. There was a long path to having the honor of being a knight, but those with the most chivalry and valor could make it happen.

The medieval knight lead a very interesting daily life. Generally speaking, Many people wonder where the knight lived. When he wasn’t serving his noblemen, the wealthier knights lived in their own castles. Poorer knights lived in the castles of their noblemen. Knights tended to guests such as villagers and kings. Knights also wore much more than just armor. In fact, few historians truly know what knights wore besides armor, and it has been argued about before. When they didn’t wear their armor, they wore linen undergarments. This helped prevent chaffing from their metal plates. Many people don’t know what knights did in their off-time. Correspondingly,knights partook in many activities for fun. Since knights only worked an average of 40 days around the year, they had lots of spare time. For fun, knights competed in jousting and board games. Some of the board games they played include chess, checkers, and backgammon.

The knight had a very eventful job.In the first
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For example, the knight rode a special breed of horse. It was specially trained to endure blows from opposing knights. Their horses wore a special kind of armor that was called barding. Furthermore, knights had shields to protect themselves. These shields included special designs and patterns, called heraldry. These patterns often meant something to the knight, and it told about his personality and his family.More importantly, the knight went through many phases to prove his pride, honor, and valor. The knight started as a page, who served nobles and learned manners. At the age of fourteen, pages became squires. At this stage, they learned about chivalry and serving his

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