Essay On Maternity Leave

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Maternity Leave

Maternity leave is an approved maternal or medical leave that refers to a time period in which you are medically unable to work for the purpose of giving a normal or cesarean birth and taking care of the infant. This is usually a 6 to 8 week period depending on the complication factors of the birth and health of the child. Some women take leave prior to giving birth because of discomfort or the desire to prepare for the newborn. Others, take time after the baby is born to maximize their time with the baby once it arrives. Family leave refers to the time period in which you recuperate from delivery and care for your baby. Spending time with a newborn allows for an opportunity to bond and nurture a newborn.

The United States is one of the only industrialized nations that does not have a mandated paid maternity leave, although most people support it. Three countries, Papua
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that have a mandated paid maternal leave; California and New Jersey have six weeks and Rhode Island has four weeks. The amount of money that is paid for the benefit by the employer or employee, is very minuscule; cents on the dollar.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 12% of Americans have access to paid maternity leave, with only 5% of low-wage earners are able to receive paid maternity leave. Researchers have found that women who don’t receive paid maternity leave are more likely to drop out of the workforce. This results in losing income for themselves and their families.

Studies have shown that if a mother goes back to work too quickly it could be harmful to both her and her babies health. It gives her less time to recuperate from childbirth as well as, increases her risk of postpartum depression. It also makes breastfeeding more difficult and she has less bonding time with the baby. According to statistics, about 25% of women go back to work after 10 days of having a baby because of financial responsibility to her

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