Essay On Maggots

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Maggots are usually associated as pests, but now they can save lives! Well, I’m not referring to the real ones. They are robotic maggots! In a few years, these manufactured pests will be able to help neurosurgeons. They can help save patients facing brain tumors and will change the outlook of surgery.
Robots won’t replace humans, but they can improve our abilities. Technology is being more and more integrated in the medical field. Robots can have their own specialties depending on what procedure is being performed, the patient, etc. They can offer shorter hospitalization, greater visualization, and a higher ability to perform a task quickly with skill, quickness, and precision. The robotic maggot is one new upcoming invention created by J. Marc Simard, an M.D Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, in 2009 to fight brain
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This uses electricity to generate high levels of heat to get rid of infected tissue. The debris is then vacuumed up. I found that this also connects to maggot debridement therapy (MDI). Medicinal noninvasive maggots are the cheapest surgeons because they can work twenty-four hours a day. They are essentially microsurgeons! The maggots secrete enzymes that break down dead, infected tissue within the wound and gently remove debris. They actively consume dead tissues and cells, and exude an antibacterial agent. They also have proteolytic enzymes which are capable of digesting bacteria. The robots also disinfect wounds and speed the rate of healing.
The maggot bots are still in the testing phase. It will take time before the design is at its full potential. After that, the maggot bots must go through clinical trials. The maggot bots will be able to be used widespread only after passing these trials. They will then be capable of saving countless lives by helping perform brain surgeries that would have been categorized as too risky, highly invasive, or other

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