Essay On Liberty Bonds

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A Liberty Bond was a bond sold to support the allied cause in World War 1. Contributing to the bonds became a patriotic duty in the United States. This introduced the act of financial securities to citizens for the first time ever. War is expensive and financed through borrowing, taxation, and expedition of printing money. Barely any money was created. Liberty bonds are still used today in which U.S. treasury bonds are issued. A treasury bond is a fixed interest government debt security with a state of 10 years. Fixed interest securities are dealt with interest-rate risk. Securities will become less valuable as rates go up in a environment with rising interest rate. The U.S started using Bonds because President Roosevelt sent his country to …show more content…
During this time, citizens would gather together and create posters to be put up locally. The government used famous actors,singers, to advertise Liberty Bonds. Famous artists even painted things on buildings to help with promotions. These posters presented a way to state vital ideas and emotions towards this act. Americans felt they were making a valuable contribution. Advertising Liberty Bonds were used mainly for propaganda campaigns. Advertising liberty bonds were used all the time in WW1 campaigns. The posters were made up of red, white, blue and quotes persuading, informing, and intriguing citizens about liberty bonds. Newspapers, pamphlets, and magazines were the three most used ways to advertise. These were used until the rise of digital advertising. By 1917 digital advertising was just the start of the development of technology. This caused Americans to learn and become smarter. Groups gathered together entirely to encourage the act of liberty bonds. Americans were making a valuable contribution while making money over time. These posters were a huge success and without them Liberty Bonds would not have gone as far as they did. Anyone who bought a liberty bond was making money within time. Not only did liberty bonds help patriotism, it also helped America stay out of debt during the war. (Stutch Richard,

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