Essay On Importance Of Speaking English

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English has come a long way. At today, it is at the peak level of it has ever reached before. Speaking English, became a positive label for people. Every person is trying to learn English as a second language. Even some families are trying to make their children native English speaker even while they are still living in their home countries. Moreover, almost every country’s school syllabus has an English course, even at kindergarten schools, they teach English. All these are facts comes from the peak level of spreading and popularity of English. Frankly, as an individual, escaping from English is impossible even on daily bases. On the Internet, science fields, in technological devices and also in restaurant menus or at shops, English is …show more content…
In today’s world system requires to know English. There is no field or area that English is not important or useless. It stands for basic skill. People see English as a tool for success. English is not only helpful but is becoming increasingly necessary for success in the working world, leaving those who do not speak it behind. That requirement emerges job elections, school admissions also form social classes from people’s perspective. Owing to that truth, people start to divide people with a line which require the ability of speaking English. At present except of some jobs, many jobs require to know English. If a person anywhere from the world want to get a good-payed job, he need to know English. Also it is valid for school admissions. If student do not know English he cannot go to many schools even in their own country. Also before the admission, he cannot study from many books because of its language is English. Many quality books and articles are written in English. ’This kind of system, which rewards English-speakers and, leaves the rest outside should undoubtedly be questioned’’(2008,p.136) English Also it affect the social relations within the country. People start to classify people in terms of talking English. In other words, people start to measure the modernity by that ability. One can say that embrace the truth and just learn it. However not everyone has a equal chance to learn it. In many place learning English is a hard issue. However it cannot change the fact. English-only systems of violating the equality of opportunity, and many believe that lingual and cultural rights, like other human rights, should not be left to market forces but instead be protected.(Anne Johnson,2009 pg??) The ones who cannot learn English are convict to being a step behind the

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