Essay On Importance Of Social Media

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Imagine coming into a world where you can filter out all the hate that you’ve ever encountered, being able to evaporate bullies at your own whim with just a point and click. Not being confined within the walls of your house, social media can extend your voice to the world, reaching stretching it widely across the globe. This is the power of social networking, where everybody can have a home for themselves. With some proper guidance, people can create an abundance of connections such as school related projects and keeping in touch with friends and family. While not without its share of negatives, overall, social media makes life easier for its users. By using Social networking sites such as Facebook and Skype, it’s important for the everyday student because it helps them stay on track in their classes by helping them …show more content…
Skype is considered one of the most used networking sites to call almost about anyone for no fees. Social networks such as Skype can be used throughout the world. Skype can help its user to keep in touch with their family. According to Keith Hampton, et al’s article “Social Networking Sites and Our Lives” he supports that the common user of social networking sites, add their close family with the statistical data that claims, “SNS users report as their core discussion confidants, 40% of users have friended all of their closest confidants“(2). Social network sites such as Skype can be used as a go to application when you’re missing your family members and want to speak to them once again. Skype isn’t the only media tool to provide this, but Facebook provides the features as well. Facebook gives users a look into other people’s daily lives if you have them added. By adding family members on Facebook, it allows you to see how they have been doing by their posts, and you can also message

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