Essay On Importance Of Literacy

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Foundational Literacy Skills
Literacy is the gateway to success. These days, getting started in the early years of a child 's life is critical. Learning to read has been continually observed to begin before a child even enters school. As children become more exposed to literature at a young age, the more prepared they have shown to be once finally in a classroom setting. Chances are, sending your child to preschool will give them a better chance at success when they find themselves in primary schooling. (SpringRefrence) describes literacy as, “listening, speaking, reading and writing.” "Literacy is evolving, beginning at birth, through interactions with others, and the environment in which a child lives" (Springer Reference). It is believed
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At younger ages, children look up to and most of all respect their parents. It is vital for parents to show their children that they care about their education. Children feed off of their parent 's vibes and if the child sees the parent does not care for their education, then the child will feel it must be unimportant and in turn will not care for their own education either. The child 's background, where they live and where they grew up in also plays a role in their education. This starts at home, going back to literary rich environments to promote their child to read and ask questions at a young age. Chances are if a child comes from poverty and they don 't have enough of the necessary resources they need to be successful they are more likely to fall behind in school. The more resources a child has access to for their education, the higher chance they have to succeed in school. It is very important for parents to help the child in developing literacy skills at a young age so that there is less of a chance the child will dropout. Annie E. Casey Foundation mentions, "students who don 't read proficiently by the third grade are four times more likely to leave high school without a diploma than proficient readers." It is also important for parents to note that children have innately different levels of comprehension, and as a result, reading. …show more content…
There are many ways to promote a literacy rich classroom. (Connell, 2014) mentions, "If your goal is to create a language-rich environment, student exposure to language should be meaningful, deliberate, repetitive and engaging - meaning it directly involves the student 's as active participants." A very simple, yet very effective way would be to have a classroom library with an array of books. The books should be very diverse, different reading levels, picture books, text books, and a variety of genres. Since most children have different interests and reading levels, having a variety of books gives the students a choice while keeping them interested in what they are reading. In turn, this will be creating a broader literacy development and a larger vocabulary. Labels and content posters are essential to learning. Constantly seeing literary posters all over the school have a clear statement – value and meaning to the students. Having word walls promotes reading and writing skills, and writing centers help the students with their writing. Students can have journals and write in them at the writing centers where other students can read them. They can also make corrections and discuss them with one another which enables peer evaluation and promotes conversations. The walls should be covered with bulletins that are

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