The Integration Of Art In Education In Ma, Yo-Yo

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Education is a beautiful thing. It is very often taken for granted in the sense that people do not see it for what it is; a way to learn about themselves and the world around them. Being well-rounded is an essential way to appreciate life. Learning science and math may capture one’s interest, but music and literature may touch one’s heart and open his or her eyes in other ways. Unfortunately, the arts are undermined as their importance is not seen. The integration of art in education is influential because it promotes morality, stimulates a new way of thinking, and inspires innovation. Regrettably, most people see a college degree as an essential way to make it in life. It is nothing but a prerequisite for the job they are after. It is fair to say that one’s initial reasoning for pursuing an education is to acquire his or her dream job, but a well-rounded education should …show more content…
Professors encourage their students to skillfully analyze and asses problems to mindfully solve them, and that is an amazing thing. However, we are forgetting to teach our students to think empathetically. In Ma, Yo-Yo, “Necessary Edges” Emerging: Contemporary Readings for Writers, 3rd edition, edited by Barclay Barrios, 2016, p. 257, he informs us that, “advances in neurobiology make it clear that we humans have dual neural pathways, one for critical thinking, and one for empathetic thinking”. This tells us that we can only think one way at a given time, but with learning and practice, developing the skills to think both ways at the same time is possible. If the arts teach empathy and the sciences teach logic, then the integration of these areas of study can ignite this new way of thinking. This is crucial because “wise and balanced judgement results from integrating the critical and empathetic” (Ma, Yo-Yo 257). Making proper judgments is an extremely valuable skill in school, in the workplace, and in life in

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