Essay On Health Inequality

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Health inequality in America cannot be fixed by spending more money on health care. It is

suggested that taking care of ourselves by creating healthier communities to create healthier lives is the

best way to build a healthier America. The article indicates that a person’s Zip code is a greater

determining factor of poor health and life expectancy than a person’s DNA is. Another main focus is that

getting good quality care is not always the key to living a long-healthy life, other factors play a big role in

good health, such as eating healthy, being nurtured during childhood, exercising in a safe neighborhood,

and avoiding drug abuse has far more to do with health than health care. Medical care is only a part of
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This intersects with health care today because we are finally coming to see

that nonmedical factors that impact health disparities. Taking a look at improving communities in

poverty is a start to improving health care quality. Nearly 20 percent of children in Illinois live in

poverty. The United Health Foundation ranked Illinois 30th in overall health in "America's Health

Rankings,” major health challenges in the state include 2.7 million obese adults and nearly 950,000 adults

with diabetes. (rivlin-mcclellan).

After reading several articles on this subject in previous course work, it has been determined that

this should be where we start to build a “Healthier America.” A change starts in communities, and we

can develop new strategies by working together to understand this problem. Spending more money trying

to improve health care is not working and is not the best solution. If we are going to spend money, we

must consider that equality begins with equal opportunity, which includes more than a check-up. It

includes community outreach, access to healthy foods, education, nurturing, and restoring low-income

neighborhoods. In order to create healthier lives, we must create healthier communities. The

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