How Does Smoking Affect Our Society

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Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you. We grow up being told that smoking is bad and our parents punish us if we are caught smoking. It is very much a “do as I say, not as I do mentality” because many parents smoke. But society is changing; people are starting to realize that smoking does lasting harm. Not only is smoking taboo in our society, but it also has detrimental effects on our health, costs a fortune and it leaves everything smelling horrible. The negative effects to our bodies are almost unbelievable. Every part of our body seems to be affected from the inside out. Our hearts are impaired and we can suffer heart attacks and strokes. Blood pressure is affected by smoking and has to do with the damage to our heart from the nicotine. Our lungs are affected and we can develop emphysema and lung cancer. When this happens it becomes hard to breath. We have cilia in our throats that catch impurities. When we smoke these cilia become paralyzed, then mucus that should be coughed out of our throats gets stuck and starts to dry and get sticky. The paralysis from the smoke keeps our body from expelling these toxins. When we have not smoked for a while we will start to cough as the cilia come out of the paralyzed stage. As the …show more content…
Well, because we become addicted to nicotine. Some of us do not even realize we are addicted and others believe they could never become addicted because cigarettes are so nasty. But, Matthew Aldrich explains “If you find a way to put nicotine into something that the person enjoys eating and once they get that little mental craving into their system you could introduce smoking and then they would want it, without totally understanding why.” I just made a connection that possibly long term second hand smoke may also work this way so that when the kid grows up in a home of smokers he may be more likely to become addicted if he ever tries cigarettes. That would make sense; he already has long term nicotine in his

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