Essay On Cuttlefish

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The cuttlefish is a very unique animal in its own ways. Its habitat is the ocean but the ocean is home to many other organisms. The Cuttlefish is not a very vicious animal, and it is also not a fighter. There are predators that can eat the cuttlefish, like every organism but like many other organisms it has its very own defense mechanisms. The main defense mechanism of a cuttlefish is its camouflaged skin. It is very amazing because if you put a cuttlefish in bowl with stripes that are diagonal the cuttle fish will camouflage and it skin will adapt to the pattern of the stripes. Some of the other organisms in a cuttlefishes diet are small muscles, crabs, fish, octopus, shrimp, worms and other cuttlefish. The predators …show more content…
The only time cuttlefish are very aggressive, is when searching for a female mate. Male cuttlefish have to be so aggressive during the mating process because of the male gender being more dominant. like all animals, the male has to attract the female for mating. A male cuttlefish shows off its bright colors to attract the female. There are over 120 species of cuttlefish in the sea. The cuttlefish are one of the most curious animals of the sea. They are also able to manually control their buoyancy. When cuttlefish are babies, they use their arms to walk along the ocean floor. A cuttlefish can change to be any color even though they are colorblind. When a cuttlefish is in defensive mode they also mimic and shape themselves to the texture of what surrounds them to hide better. An order for the cuttlefish to be more aware of its surroundings, their eyes are able to see behind them. Females are able to store multiple sperm packets and are able to pick one for fertilizing. Some male cuttlefish are reported to cross dress to attract their mates. The largest cuttlefish known to man is the Australian giant cuttlefish. It is about the size and shape of an American

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