Essay On Cross Cultural Communication

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"Culture is cultured in a person right from birth and so certain qualities develop in him from that time. The key to cross cultural communication is you should develop a basic understanding in the cultural differences between you and the other speaker". Human service workers can break through language barriers by speaking unhurriedly and unmistakably; making sure they pronounce their words so they can be understood. The worker needs to keep in mind that each culture thinks that their culture is essentially greater than any other culture.
“Culturally competent organizations integrate cultural knowledge into every facet of what they do.” Helping children and families thrive in a diverse society must include supporting them in developing their
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Other cultures may have one word that means many different things. Human service workers need particular abilities to help them be able to talk with people of different cultures because they can 't understand each other. They need to figure out a way to break the obstacles causing the problems. "Culturally competent service providers must take into account the full range of factors that influence how any one individual service recipient behaves and communicates. The two levels of influencing factors are: overall cultural differences between racial and ethnic groups, as well as individual-level differences (based on age, education, literacy, income, gender and geographic location". If language is the problem the worker could learn the other person language and make sure it is the right language. If they are not sure the person understand them or if the worker isn 't sure what is being said, make sure they clarify it. If all else fails find someone that has been trained in the language to help you understand it and that they can tell the other person what you want of them. …show more content…
Cultural aptitudes are embedded with reverence, corroboration and directness concerning people that have diverse group and ethnic opinions and outlooks than the worker does. They feel that the culture they are from is the only one that is right. Human service workers need to make sure they understand the foundations of the different cultures. They must remember that some cultures have different social status and this may affect the how they can communicate with each other. Learning about this can help break down the barriers the people have put up. Social workers have their specific amount of value using general features. They also bring with them their ethnic expressions as well as their exclusive private, collective and psychosomatic training. When adding the same aspects from the person of a different culture their needs to be consideration for each client that seeks help. When the worker can adjust to the different ways he has to use to work with the different cultures he can counsel them. Not only does the worker have to them as a person but also that they are of specific ethnic individuals. "Multicultural counseling requires the recognition of: (1) the importance of racial/ethnic group membership on the socialization of the client; (2) the importance of and the uniqueness of the individual; (3) the presence of and place of values in the counseling process; and (4) the uniqueness of learning

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