Essay On Creative Opportunity Identification

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Register to read the introduction… It assumes the following forms: * Skill-based self-employment such as Carpenter, electrician etc. * Marketing to production such as traders, salesmen * Managing or working in a similar enterprise such as supervisor, chemist, engineer (atul-dyes and intermediates)

6) Creative effort

The following are some patterns of creative opportunity identification: * Development of problem-solving through products/service like aqua guard, domestic flour mill * Exploitation of new technology or material to meet a widely felt need like vending machines, PVC footwear, soya milk * Creating a demand for a psychological product like mood ring, cease fire
2. b) List out the errors commonly made by entrepreneurs in identification of opportunities
The errors commonly made by entrepreneurs in identification of opportunities are : * Lack of ownership * Catch the first bus * Inaccurate information * Ahead of times * Unwillingness to step back
2. c) What information sources you will use to make a market survey of your consumer product?
The sources of information can be any of the
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* Inputs like nutrients, insecticides, nursery plants, irrigation facility, tools and equipments. * Outputs like fruits, vegetables, wastes and by- products
Business Opportunities in processing of fruits, vegetables and by-products; Floriculture and value-added products like dry flowers, extraction of oils, flower based pharma and nutra compounds, natural dyes and pot porri (a mixture of dried, scented flowers, leaves, seeds, stems & roots of flowering plants)
* 70% population depends on wide variety of agriculture operations * Agriculture produces like paddy, wheat, oil seeds, sugarcane, cotton, pulses etc. offers huge opportunity in primary and secondary processing, storage, transportation, etc. * Inputs like certified seeds, fertilizer, pesticides, irrigation facilities, agricultural implements, consultancy and services like soil and water testing, agronomy, hydrology, etc

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