Essay On Community Assessment For Bournais

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Community Health Plan for Bourbonnais, Illinois
It is essential to have a community assessment for population-centered health care. To help in devising a plan for change in a community, a community assessment will help lay the ground work for this change. One must keep in mind that a head to toe assessment is similar to assessing population-centered nursing. It may appear to be a difficult task to assess an entire community, but it is similar to fundamental nursing skills. Performing a community assessment is done by examining a large collection of information and comparing that information with another population, which will help identify any strengths or needs. Following the first step of gathering community and comparative data, data will
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Bourbonnais is nice clean community with no bad areas and ample areas of open space. Homes appear to be well maintained with minimal unsightly appearances. It was rare to see neither strays roaming the streets nor homeless people. Parks were well maintained along with the streets around town. There was an overwhelming amount of fast food restaurants and desert type establishments. There are eight fast food restaurants in Bourbonnais, which is a considerable amount for a town covering 4.62 square miles ("City-Data," 2013). It is evident that Bourbonnais is a college town with U.S. 45 running past the main campus and the many students walking and lingering in the vicinity. During the windshield survey it really stuck out that obesity was a problem for Bourbonnais. In order to find specific problem areas more data needed to be obtained and gathered to find specific problem areas, so personal interviews were also done to find a diagnosis that would help the residents of Bourbonnais, …show more content…
According to the school nurse who has been in the school system for 15 years has seen a decrease in physical activity in students in the last 5 years along with increase in obese students. This diagnosis goes along with the first diagnosis, which is the limited knowledge towards physical activity. Family dynamics and parents attitudes towards physical activity will influence their children’s activities. Physical inactivity rates have risen in Bourbonnais from 22.9% in 2009 to 27.6% in 2011. Many health problems that are linked with obesity and physical inactivity affect the residents of this community ("KCDPH," 2011). Bourbonnais has two fitness centers but the obesity problem is still

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