Essay On Benefits Of Sleep In Students

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Benefits From Proper Sleep In Students
The National Sleep Foundation said that in a recent study only about 15% of the students reported sleeping 8.5 hours at night. Humans are required anywhere from 8.5-9.25 hours of sleep but in reality those hours do not fit into the average person’s daily schedule. Students are quite busy and the reason why the average student doesn 't have that amount of time to sleep is because they have a life outside of just school. According to Cornell University Health Services “It 's understandable that your academic studies, social life, part- or full-time job, and relationships often outrank sleep on your priority list”. This quote tell us that there more important things than sleep but that doesn 't mean that
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For example, it could lead to having better grades in school! The problem that students have is remembering the materials taught in class because students sometimes lack the concentration required. With the recommended about of sleep students can enhance these skills and improve the performance on a test because they will have remembered the material that they have learned. From research conducted by Mark Greer he stated that “New research on the potential benefits of sleep--including stronger memory and longer attention spans”. Larger attention spans means that the students will be able to stay on task and concentrated longer and better memory means that they can also keep the information that they have learned in their brains and when it 's time for testing they will put what they have learned to use! This benefit not only applies to the classroom and testing setting. This benefit can apply to their life even after college for example, it will help them when remembering that they have a meeting at a certain time and will help students perform your daily activities at …show more content…
Denise Mann stated that “This is an all too common scenario because lack of sleep and depression tend to travel together. The good news is that treating one condition may have spillover benefits for the other.” Denise Mann has found that depression has been linked to the lack of sleep that students experience. in some cases even the reason why students don’t come to school is because they don’t getting the right amount of sleep and don’t have the energy to get out of bed.
Many other sources like Forbes however, argue that waking up early increases productivity and while yes it gives you more time to get things done you are however not performing at 100%. For example, if you were to wake up early to workout you won 't give it your all because your body hasn 't had time to recover with sleep. While working out your mindset won 't be on actually working you 'll be thinking about sleep and about all the things you have to go through today. If your mind isn 't in it neither is your body and you 'd just be wasting time and not gaining anything from that

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