Essay On The Cost Of Academic Dishonesty

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The Costs of Academic Dishonesty From the time children begin attending school, they are taught to produce their own work by using unique and creative concepts from their own understanding of knowledge. However, as one grows older and becomes more responsible for other tasks besides school, coming up with original ideas may not seem as easy as it once was; therefore, taking the easy way out becomes an enticing routine. Likewise, immediate access to other’s ideas on the internet may result in plagiarism; also, the use of social media can make sharing answers with classmates effortless. Dishonesty in the classroom also promotes lying in other aspects of a person 's life. Academic cheating not only affects the student 's motivation to learn, but their self-value as well. Individuals who cheat throughout high school may believe they are capable of suddenly changing their habits once they enter college; however, they will most likely find it impossible to function on their own. Not to mention, the student must first get accepted into his or her choice of school, which could be particularly difficult if the student was caught cheating, as it will appear on their academic record. Additionally, the student could potentially acquire a low GPA due to poor time management and procrastination. Academic dishonesty expresses …show more content…
For example, if a student eventually decides to produce their own work, teachers or professors might have a difficult time accepting that it is truly their own. In addition, people close to the student may question if everything else is a lie. The well-known saying "Once a cheater, always a cheater," applies heavily for students who find themselves in these particular circumstances. Consequently, the student may be seen as untrustworthy through the eyes of parents and friends, as well as

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