Essay: Did I Say Beautiful?

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Register to read the introduction… I mean flawless. Yes, despite the apparent sorrow behind her eyes, and even though she moved like the protagonist of a sad love story, she looked amazing. And we had found a connection back then, we discovered that we shared our birthdates with Diego Maradona.
I had stolen a few glances at her, when Parul was in town, we all stayed in that cramped up apartment of ours, four of my friends, me, Parul, Tanuja, and her boyfriend.
We had never spoken much, or hardly anything, before Ridhim, my giant friend, asked me to do him a favour. He wanted me to do a small write-up on Perceptions and Behaviour for Tanuja’s college project. I accepted with a smile, but warned her that I would end up posting it on Lifesourcing, my blog ( after she had submitted it.
When I had finished, she came up to me and started asking a lot of questions. Questions about my decision not to pursue a literary career and what not. I reciprocated with my usual excuses, about the Great Indian Parenting dream, how I had fought against my will to study engineering, and the story of a boring struggle. (It wasn’t boring back then, but it sounds pretty stupid
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Some furious typing, and I finally locate the simplest name on my list.
I think once, and exactly once before I press the green button again. I figure I’m lonely and my little sister just went through a breakup last month too, and my best friend is already on his way. My mind plays a stupid cupid game and I tell Simi that I’m going to introduce her to a friend. I’m laughing a little on the inside, when I feel a sharp tug behind my collar.
I turn around, and I’m facing a pretty girl. She looks familiar. She reminds me of a long lost face. I cannot decide whether it’s the spirit playing mind tricks on me or really a face from my past, so I risk staring at her name tag. She doesn’t take it too nicely. She thinks I’m staring at her breasts. And then hits me. Wait, a nametag! This girl must work at the mall. And this area, my thinking spot, must be her domain within the floor. I tend to do this “Should be, must be” thinking a lot when I’m drunk. Today’s no different. Well, except that today’s Friday. And I expect good things to
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Or at least here in the city. Ashish and my sister Simi are waiting outside. I give my best friend a hug and my sister a kiss on the forehead. She frowns, indicating that my mint is not doing much of a job. Ashish doesn’t waste time on unnecessary details, just as I prefer him not to, and hails an auto. We’re almost set to leave, when Tanuja points out that the only way Simi could go to the party dressed like a teenager in a t shirt and jeans would be “no way in hell”.
We head back inside, and Tanuja engages Simi in a fresh round of shopping. Ashish looks around the men’s section, crossing Tanya Singh on his way, and I let the fresh image of Tanuja’s face sink in. It looks pretty neat, the way she’s guiding my little sister towards the destructive knowledge of Friday fashion, but I hardly mind. Suddenly, she disappears into the ladies room with Simi and emerges twenty minutes later with a girl i don’t recognize much. The makeup on Simi makes her blush a little more, and I thank Tanuja for helping out as we head back towards the

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