Essay On Bullying In The Workplace

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Bullying at workplace
Bullying is an act of repeated aggressive behavior intended to hurt person emotionally, physically or mentally
Bullying is use of power, force, threat, and abuse to aggressive impose domination on others. Reasons put forward for this type of a behavior include differences of gender, religion, appearance, behavior, body language, class, race, personality, ability etc. Bullying done by a group of people is termed as mobbing. People to whom bullying is directed are known as ‘targets’ or ‘victims’. It impacts the victim in a lot of ways. It can lead a person to commit suicide, or lead to violence.
Workplace bullying can be when an employee experiences a regular pattern of mistreatment from others that cause problem to him/her.
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The act of Bullying leads to breach of other laws in the UK. In UK it is an implied term of every employment contract that parties who have entered the contract of trust and confidence to each other. The act bullying or an employer tolerating bullying is a breach to that contractual term. This breach leads to a person being discharged from the contract and the dismissal of contract is called constructive dismissal.
United States
In the United States, there has been no comprehensive workplace bullying legislation. None of the bills are passed by the federal government or by any U.S. state, but since 2003 many state legislatures have considered bills. Many US states have made bills and are following the same. These states include Nevada, New Jersey, Washington, NewYork, Oregon, Montana, Connecticut, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Massachusetts, California and a few others
Under these bills, it gives employees a right to sue their employers for creating an "abusive work environment," these laws have been supported by the notion that laws against workplace bullying are necessary to protect public health. Despite the lack of any federal or state law specifically people have got justice and have entrusted these bills and believe that workplace bullying is a thing that the law takes with utmost

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