Essay About Sharks Killing

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The population of sharks has been in a steady decrease since the 1950s and now one third of the shark populations is extinct. The decreasement of sharks has been linked to the increase of deep sea fishing in countries all around the world. Another reason for the downfall of the shark population is how long it takes for sharks to breed in the wild. If the world does not stop killing off sharks, the ocean and world will be an entirely different place. People are the main reason that sharks are becoming endangered. One of the many reasons for the decrease in population is the increase of deep sea fishing. Many sharks get caught by fishermen who are trying to catch other deep sea fish, such as tuna and swordfish. In the 1950’s, sharks were about …show more content…
If sharks were completely gone, the ecosystem would be out of order. (Heithaus) There would be a domino effect with the over-grazing of sea grass. If sharks were gone, fish would not have anything to scare them away from the sea grass. Once the sea grass is gone, large amounts of carbon dioxide could be released back into the atmosphere because it is no longer being stored in the grass. (Heithaus) There is already signs of this happening all around the world. If the humans do not stop hunting the sharks, one of the main sources of the world’s photosynthesis could become endangered. The world may never know precisely how many sharks are in the ocean, or exactly how many are killed each year by fishermen. What is known, from many of different types of experiments, is that the population of many different types of sharks are decreasing at very alarming rates. Perhaps more importantly, the people of the world know that what they are doing to the sharks is wrong and that they should stop the killing so that the sharks can repopulate to help the ecosystem. Sharks are endangered because of people of the world not because of things they cannot

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