Essay About Human Trafficking In Thailand

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Human trafficking is the illegal movement of people, typically for the purposes of forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation. Human trafficking is one of the most shameful crime, it affects many of the majority women and most men. The trafficker would negotiate with a person who is willing to buy women, men, and children to use them as laborers or for sexual purposes. Not all victims are used for sex but their bodies such as their organs would get remove in order to sell drugs to dealers. Human trafficking can be seen anywhere in the world but the most is located in Asia. One of the top country that consist human trafficking is Thailand and Cambodia. According to human trafficking, “ The majority of the trafficking victims identified within Thailand are migrants from Thailand’s neighboring countries in the Greater Mekong Sub-region, but also come from farther away such as Uzbekistan and Fiji”. Because Thailand is a tourism country, many traffickers would market their victims illegally. Foreign tourists specifically come to Thailand to experience what Thailand is consist of and for the most dangerous part, sex. Human trafficking issue cannot be avoided due to child laborers and prostitution. Human trafficking affects the lives of women, men, and …show more content…
It may be hard to resolve this conflict because it is very hard to come out of a poverty stage. This problem has been somewhat solved but it is not successful. To better the conflict, the community and nation has to come together to educate people about Human Trafficking. Thousands of victims fall into the hands of traffickers. Trying to solved Human Trafficking is not an easy case because there are women out there who will offer sex just for the joy of it. Others will only go into the hands of trafficker due to financial crisis. Because many victims have no luck in getting other jobs, they continuously support their family by going into the

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