High School Cheerleading Essay

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College Cheerleading Verses High School Cheerleading The transition between high school cheerleading and college cheerleading can be a difficult challenge. There are a lot of different aspects of being a college cheerleader compared to high school. There are things that a high school cheerleader has to do to adjust to the life of a college cheerleader. More time is spent in college cheerleading than ever in high school. Other athletes typically think of cheerleading as an easy sport. There are some athletes who do not even consider cheerleading as a sport. Those people have obviously never been a cheerleader. Although, there are others who consider cheerleading, high school or college, to be the most dangerous sport. Being a cheerleader …show more content…
No matter the amount of diversity, a team always works together. Because they are at a college level, the cheerleaders are expected to be more mature than those in high school. The relationships that are made in college cheerleading are formed quickly due to excess amount of time spent together. The relationships that are made on a college cheerleading team can last a very long time, if not forever. The freedom in college is much different than the freedom that is given in high school. Although cheerleaders in college are under the authority of their coaches, they are free from the influence of their parents. Being away from parents and living in a dorm brings a great amount of responsibility and freedom. Being a part of a college cheerleading team is proof that parents can trust that their child will make positive decisions while they are away. The work ethic in college cheerleading is one of the major transitions that a high school cheerleader has to make. A college cheerleader will work harder at practices and performances because that is what pays for them to go to school. College cheerleading could often be considered as a job rather than a hobby. People often work harder in cheerleading when they are bing rewarded for their success. Many cheerleaders find it a difficult challenge to transition to college cheerleading from high school. The transition can take while for a cheerleader to find where he or

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