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The Amazing Specialties Dental Has to Offer
Over the years we have seen a variety of cases in the dental office. Anywhere from very misaligned teeth, broken teeth, abnormalities in the gingiva, root canals, cavities, to all 32 teeth missing. Therefore resulting in different dentists needing to invest time to specialize in each aspect, so that each dental problem could be solved to its full extent. As time went on specialties started to rise and many dentists would specialize in each profession. To date, there are several specialties which involve pediatric, general dentistry, orthodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics, oral surgery, and endodontics. Which all come together to create a functioning dentition.
First and foremost, pediatric dentistry
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Their main focus is to keep the latest most up to date equipment in order to properly attend to their patients. General dentists work with the patient in order to create a custom dental hygiene plan, which includes an initial examination, x-rays, and discover and treat problems with the dentition as early as possible. They also specialize in restorations, which are anything that has to do with getting a malfunctioning tooth back to its original functioning state. They basically handle any small problems with the teeth, and make them all better …show more content…
Periodontics is the branch of dentistry which addresses the structures surrounding and supporting the teeth. Periodontics mainly deals with infection in the gums, also known as periodontal disease. The dentist in this specialty focuses on analyzing the gums, and mainly diagnosing and treating the periodontal disease. They treat patients with severe cases of periodontal disease and tend to deal with the more complex cases of the disease. Moving forward, the specialty of prosthodontics, they deal with dentures and any fixed appliances that perfect the dentition. Its main objective is to replace missing teeth, and also to provide any prosthetics which need to be placed in the mouth. They also deal with plenty of esthetic dentistry cases, which also mean cases that deal with looks and beauty. As well as placing bridges and sometimes crowns. Another specialty is oral surgery. This specialty basically deals with surgery of the mouth in order to treat cases with malfunctions in the mouth. Also, a main duty for the oral surgeons is to extract teeth. They also deal with wisdom tooth extraction, dental bone grafts, and dental implants in some cases. Oral surgery practically fixes anything that is broken, or malfunctioning in the

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