Escaping Apartheid Essay

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Brandon Walden
Mrs. Borders
English 103-014
24 November 2015
Telling Times This study will examine the 1946 novel Mine Boy, by Peter Abrahams, first giving some information on the author and the background of the book and its historical context, and then exploring the elements of the novel itself, including plot, characterization, style, intended audience, and the contribution the book makes to an understanding of African life and history. A People's Voice: Black South African Writing in the Twentieth Century. Abrahams style is clear and simple. The book is certainly demonstrative of the political, cultural and economic life in South Africa in the 194 s as well as in the 199 s, and in any African country where imperialism and
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At the time of the book's publication, Abrahams was a young black South African at the time of the book's publication, and he clearly mean the book as a warning to all humane people---white and black --- within and without South Africa, that there was in that nation a pervasive evil which was becoming more and more entrenched. We are men!" (Abrahams 187). He had just stood there watching. A man. Abrahams' attribution [of the problems of South Africa to 'the flaws of capitalism'] derives from an unmistakable Marxist perspective (Shava 15)." As the book was published at the beginning of the cold War, when Soviet Marxism was being denigrated as a force favoring totalitarianism, it is not surprising that the novel was greeted with ambivalence in the West. Those who recognized the urgency of the warning about apartheid favored the book, but those who were wary of a Marxist solution to the problem were not so favorable in their reception. He had done nothing. Abrahams is first and foremost a purveyor of the Marxist line, as Shava declares explicitly:" Early writings on these issues [include] . Here we see the intended audience of Abrahams: all people, white and black, who are brave enough to know the hard truth and who are humane enough to want to do something to

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