Erp for Walmart Essay

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Journal of Information Technology (2000) 15, 281–288

An ERP implementation case study from a knowledge transfer perspective
Department of Management, College of Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE 68588–0491, USA


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An enterprise resource planning (ERP) application is an enterprise-wide package that tightly integrates all necessary business functions into a single system with a shared database. An ERP implementation often entails transferring the business knowledge incorporated in the basic architecture of the software package into the adopting organization. This article proposes a new approach to analysing ERP implementations
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It will also investigate how the business rules, which were transferred from an ERP implementation, interacted with existing environments. The ndings in this research will propose a new approach to analysing ERP implementations from a knowledge transfer perspective. It will also contribute to a better understanding of how to gain a competitive advantage based on process knowledge when standardized business processes are implemented by an organization.

Lee and Lee representation of the organization, originated with Taylor’s (1996) scienti c management in which complex tasks are mapped to a set of simple canonical steps. Non-canonical processes, on the other hand, are what actually happen during work. They are the informal processes de ned by the relationship, communication and coordination of on-the-job practices. A similar classi cation of processes can be found in Sachs’ (1995), i.e. ‘organizational’ (explicit) and ‘activity-oriented’ (tacit) processes. The organizationbased process, which is represented by sets of de ned tasks and operations, differs from the activity-based process which determines how employees actually make the business function more effectively. Sachs (1995) observed that it is through workers’ relationships in ‘communities’ and within their human systems that problems are discovered and resolved and work is effectively accomplished. Process-based knowledge transfer in ERP implementation What is derived from

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