Ernest Hemingway vs. William Faulkner Essay

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Ernest Hemingway vs. William Faulkner

Unlike any other author the style of writing Ernest Hemingway uses in his stories are

short and long sentences, but when a sentence is long it is joined with conjunctions such as

and’s, but’s, and because. For example, “In the day time the street was dusty, but at night the

dew settled the dust and the old man liked to sit because he was deaf and now at night it was

quiet and he felt the difference.” (Hemingway, pg 165) Hemingway’s stories are like reading a

speech. In addition, Hemingway does not use any emotions into his writing; his stories are

simply and have little meaning to it. His writing is similar to life because in life, you often find

yourself given little
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Hemingway’s style is simpler and not too complicated to read or

understand his stories.

The Good Life

There is no right or wrong answer when asked what the good life means to you, it

depends what your life was as a child up until now and how you would describe it. Many people

would say that money is the key to a good life, but I do not agree on that money does not bring

you happiness. It all depends on how people push themselves, have faith in them, make good

choices in life, and is willing to succeed. Having love in your life, not only finding love with

someone, but the love your own family and friends give you. Being in good health and safe and

secure in life because many of us do not have that opportunity.

The good life is never losing hope, being positive and good attitude is having a good life,

and succeeding in your education and working your hardest to succeed as well. Hope that you

will make a future for yourself and be that successful person to what to be in life. Having

confident in yourself when presenting a project or giving a speech gives you a feeling of success

too. A good attitude can give you positive thinking that good things can come your way. Staying

positive gives a better outlook, it can decreases negative thoughts and lowers your stress level.

Being around loved ones to be there for you; because that is no better feeling

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