Essay about Ernest Hemingway 's Soldier 's Home

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World War II was not an easily won war for the American soldiers. The number of casualties and the trauma of trench warfare affected the lives of many soldiers and the families of soldiers back home in the United States. Ernest Hemingway’s “Soldier’s Home” illustrates how the war changed the life of one soldier, Krebs, and his family at home after the war was over. Hemingway tells this story only of Krebs’s experience prior and post-World War II to focus on the aftermath of the war on the soldier. Krebs lost many things to the war including his expression of love, and how to distinguish the truth.
Many young men, like Krebs, enlisted in the military during War World II, and like Hemingway says it was “the one thing, the only thing a man to do” (70). Military service was required of young men during World War II and there was no other option. Krebs, who was attending college prior to his enlistment, had to leave his schooling and home to serve. Krebs was from a very religious background, and went to school at a Methodist college. There he was in a fraternity where they all were “wearing exactly the same height and style collar” (69). The description of his fraternity depicts the idea that Krebs knew the direction of his future and had a grasp of what his life would be. Krebs’ life was all planned out ahead of him until his enlists into the army to be taken away from his life in the U.S. Krebs enlisted in the Marines and did not return home until “the second division…

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