Ernest Hemingway: The Immigration Story Of Tan Le

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Tan Le’s story was not just a tale of her immigration to a new country, but of how it shaped her life completely. From a young age she was pushed to do better for herself. Seeing how hard Le’s mother and grandmother had worked, in order to provide better lives for their family, gave her determination. This pushed her to do better for herself, when people would laugh at her or shout racial slurs she would whisper to herself “I will surpass you”. Le showed true perseverance and drive to push the envelope, to not settle and to do what others though “cannot be done”. Her immigration story is and inspiring one, a “rags to riches” type tale, however though she and her family were poor in money they were rich in love, determination and will. As the famous Ernest Hemingway once said “the world breaks everyone and after many are stronger at the broken places”.
Le clearly broke down her story of immigration into four “puzzle” parts and how these led her to be the woman she is today. This helped her
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The story of her life, that was molded by immigration, seamlessly stitched together showing Le’s struggle, overcoming the negative aspects of immigration and how she became a better person because of it. The portrayal she gave for each “puzzle piece” was very descriptive and meaningful; it brought to light the struggles that many immigrants face. This worked well to get her point of immigration across and exactly how her story was primarily birthed from her experiences, and those of her loved ones, because they were forced to immigrate. This displayed how for Le and many other immigrants around the world, having an immigrant-past isn't a stronghold, it’s a strength. Le was captivating and one sentence I found powerful was, "Yet I am afraid of privilege, of ease, of entitlement." (Le). In that one line she explains how it was through the struggle that led to her success, her fighting fire, was her will

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