Piaget's Eight Stages Of Cognitive Development

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Key Assignment
During my time in this class, I learn the development and learning process in children. I understand what type of impacts us, teachers can make in the classroom. It is not just the child’s parent teaching them about ways of life, it is also a teacher influencing their development. In addition, a teacher needs to plan for diversity, know the differences in children’s development, and have strategies for different learners. As a teacher, they are liable in students’ education and who they will become to be someday.
Planning for Diversity In the future teaching environment, it will be expected of a teacher to identify and know the student’s diversities in their developmental levels. Such as their emotions and moral attitudes. A teacher need to have respect for the student and acknowledge their differences in their developmental levels. When a child is excelling in a subject area, challenge them to harder problems to expand their mind. On the contrary, when a student is struggling with their class, give them opportunities to improve their learning. Whether it is giving them a tutor, staying before or after class to assist them, or changing a few of the teaching methods.
Piaget had four stages to his theory of cognitive development. The one that relates to this is the Concreate Operational Stage. This stage focuses on ages seven
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One of the eight stages are industry vs. inferiority. This is the fourth stage, and the child is learning how to read and write, mathematics, and how to do things on their own (McLeod, 2013). At this point in a child’s life, the teacher is making a big difference. This makes it critical that a teacher excites the child in education and start getting them involved in school. Child should be encouraged to feel confident in day to day activities and in themselves. During this stage, the child needs positive feedback because they may become discourage in their own

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