The Importance Of Academic Learning

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“Always treat books like gold.”
“Never settle for the mediocre.”
“Best effort doesn’t always mean giving 100%,” To this day, these little nuggets of wisdom are the first to resurface whenever I think about the different teachers and mentors who have poured into my life over the years. The educators who said these words are people who have influenced me in ways that I am still discovering and have helped me grow into who I am today. While these phrases may seem a bit cliché, they have managed to stick with me over the years and now represent much more than the ideas they inspire. To me, these mantras are memories of certain teachers spending extra time working with me when they didn’t have to, pushing me to continually strive for excellence,
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It is equally essential to advocate for and walk alongside students who are struggling. I really appreciated all of the times that my teachers and professors in the past sat down with me and even reached out to my parents to discuss what needed to change in order for me to improve. I believe that academic learning should be designed to be flexible, fun, engaging, and challenging. One of the biggest things I learned this past summer teaching school-age students at a learning center was the importance of being flexible with my lesson plan. Some days, my students needed to go for a walk or get up and play a game at times instead of another craft or story. Being able to adapt quickly and still find ways to include the most important information helps students focus when it is most crucial for them to be fully attentive. I also love to find exciting ways to implement intellectual skills and keep students thinking in ways they don’t necessarily expect. For example, making a game out of reviewing lesson topics or teaching them a song to help them remember certain information. These activities are great for transitions between lessons where students are sitting for longer periods of time to let them move around before sitting again. Incorporating movement and music can help engage different types of learners and allows students to engage different parts of their …show more content…
Between the ages of five and twelve , the brain of a child is ready to begin learning subjects such as reading, writing, and arithmetic. Their brains are full of wonder about the world around them. (Jensen, 2005, p.29). Their need for care and their desire to learn is a powerful gift that shouldn’t be taken for granted. One of the biggest lessons that I hope to leave my students with is the value of learning from one another. Each person has such a unique gift of their personal story and background and there is much to be learned from everyone’s experiences. All students are capable of learning and the best learning happens when students are surrounded by knowledgeable and caring teachers, supportive parents, and a safe learning environment. This is only the beginning of my pedagogical understanding and philosophy, and I expect that it will adapt and expand quite a bit over time. I also know that I have much to learn and will never stop modifying my practice as I learn from my future

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