Erikson 's Theory Of Psychosocial Developmental Stages Essay

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Erik Erikson was a theorist who discussed the concept of psychosocial developmental stages in human life. Significantly influenced by Freud, Erikson continued Freud theories concerning typography in personalities and structure. However unlike Freud Erikson does not discuss psychosexual stages. Erikson focused on ego psychology underlining the effects of society and culture, and conflicts within the ego itself.
By resolving noticeably social crises the ego develops. Continuing Freudian theories Erikson extended adaptive and creative characteristics of the ego to the entirety of the lifespan.
Erikson’s model contains eight stages. Five stages of Erikson’s lifespan are contained within the first 18 years, with the further three following on further into adulthood. Erikson felt that the adolescent period contained crucial stages in the development in a person’s identity. He believed that there was continued growth and development occurring throughout one’s life.
Erikson, like Freud and ____ believed that there was a predetermined order in developing personalities. Erikson considers that each stage in a person’s life built on from a previous stage, the epigenic principal.
The life skills and abilities working together within an autonomous individual are the outcome of a maturation schedule. While Freud focused on sexual development, Erikson was interested in how a sense of self was created due to a child’s socialisation.
There are eight stages in Erikson’s model pf psychosocial…

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