Equality Between Men And Women Essay

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Women throughout the world have been hindered and are still being hindered the basic human rights men are given on a daily basis. There is not one country in the world today that is perfect with equality between men and women, but some are truly striving for that. Equality can not just happen overnight, it takes years and years of change. In order for change to occur, people need to be willing and eager to venture towards equality of men and women. The biggest aspect that is needed for equality is education, particularly of women. Women need education so they not only understand the rights they are given, but can also realize and fight for the ones they are not given. No change can happen unless women fight for themselves and they cannot do this if they don 't even know what they are fighting for. The problem in many societies currently is that women have gotten so used to being the underdog of the genders, that they don 't ever think anything different and in turn according to the article by Shabnam Nasimi, "A vicious circle of lack of education, poverty, illiteracy, violence and insecurity fuel the highly patriarchal society..." (Nasimi). I 'm not saying women should become the dominant gender, but I believe education will help encourage women to ask questions and take a stand on gender equality. The country of Afghanistan currently has a .468 on the Human Development Index. Men there have a literacy rate of 43%, while women on the other hand, are less than a third of…

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