Artificial Intelligence And Epistemology

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The progressive movement of Artificial intelligence is the notion that presents the structure of how the mind works, all which originate from the concept of GOFAI. Yet the evolution of GOFAI, has become an unsatisfactory portrayal of human intelligence, because GOFAI demonstrates itself to be limited as a symbolic manipulator. Consequently, GOFAI has become an unsatisfactory demonstration of intelligence, because it lacks the important concept of epistemology. For GOFAI doesn 't create opinions, beliefs, nor does it desire to justify it data base of information. Rather, GOFAI only abides to the rules that are written in to its programming, in the presumption it’s data is true. For the epistemological notion of creating, obtaining and justifying …show more content…
For concept of epistemology focuses on belief making, which is then justified by seeking out that truth. This theory of intelligence is a concept that focuses on the knowledge of forming beliefs, then justifying whether they are true, or false. For the significance in attaining intelligence is achieved through the capacity of creating a particular opinion about the world, and then seeking it out, making that ‘truth’ possess significance after its been justified. For the ability to learn and perform an action is entails the effect of neurones connecting, firing, and re-wiring, from the input that then results in an external behaviour. Such as discovering that an opinion is false, the neural connection to that belief will either cease, or be rewired to adhere to the new truth. For the problem of AI is that it attempts to define the human mind as a figure that merely links modes of knowledge as a formal structure. Since it neglects what is occurring inside the brain. For GOFAI formalizes concept by turning all modes of thoughts into a systematic formal code. For GOFAI represents that the human mentality is merely an architecture that fashions the mind in the context that it’s acting in accordance to a set of rules, which results in a behavioural response. However, this concept becomes prevalent in the instance of learning to ride a bike. For the GOFAI system can know all the physics and modes of stability required to ride a bike, yet there is a significant difference once these modes of knowledge are used to perform the action. For the concept of epistemology, enables the individual to know what it means to successfully do something, because the mode of intelligence becomes justified when the set of beliefs is successfully carried out. For GOFAI is a system that follows the rule of Modus-Ponen. However, this only gives us the ability to see how it applies rules,

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