Environmental Sustainability And Social Sustainability Essay

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After environmental sustainability, more weight is put on social sustainability followed last by economic sustainability. The amount of promised actions to reduce carbon emissions, increase dependency on green energy, and other environmental initiatives could have negative effects on achieving economic sustainability if only temporarily. Annapolis needs to change large parts of their infrastructure in order to meet their desired environmental goals which costs large amounts of money, could cause a decrease in jobs that are dependent on the usage of traditional sources of energy, and cause other unforeseen problems and issues. Annapolis’s sustainability plan does not even mention increasing tourism, a major source of income, in regards to economic sustainability. It is clear that emphasizing environmental and social sustainability puts the issue of economic sustainability at question if not at risk.

The Annapolis sustainability plan includes both adaptation policies, policies designed to limit the cities vulnerability to climate change impacts through various methods, as well as mitigation policies, policies that reduce the magnitude of climate change itself, when planning how to approach economic, environmental, and social sustainability (Berndtson 2015). One example of an adaptation policy is the city’s government diversifying their energy dependence to include both traditional and renewable energy (Savidge 2010). The city government plans to purchase 25% of its energy…

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